My case manager was also Bobbie, she was very compassionate, caring, and there when I needed her. I will never forget you guys for taking me thru my journey. Thank you very much, and especially Bobbie ~Theresa


We would appreciate if you would take a moment to read about how Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida has made a difference in the life of Jim Fisher.   This is his story, in his own words: "Epilepsy Services is perfect for people who seemed to have fallen through the cracks of life...People just like me."

There is nothing worse than watching your medication supply inexorably dwindle down, not knowing how or when or if you're going to get more.  Fearfully counting pills in anticipation of what's to come when they finally run out.  Because when that happens, all that's left to do is strap in, hole up and prepare yourself to be sick and miserable, and have your life taken away.

Early on, I grew to be very good at hiding my seizures. I learned that it upset people if they thought anything was wrong, so I became adept at pretending everything was okay.

Epilepsy is a cruel and lonely affliction.  It's not sexy. There are no celebrity endorsements, no twelve step support groups.  There's an element of shame and embarrassment that obliges us to isolate and live in silence.

I don't care how enlightened or educated they may be, the average person just doesn't understand what it's like to exist with this.  Even my own family - people who know me best, and love me most - don't have a clue.  I'd hear things like, “What are you ashamed about? You didn't do anything wrong; it's not your fault!”   I also learned that since I couldn't possibly explain it, I was better off just keeping quiet.

Then, one miraculous day I heard about Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida.

Does such a thing actually exist? Really?!   I immediately made an appointment.

I arrived early, filled out sheaves of paperwork, and met with Bobbi Frasca. I fell in love with her then and there. It was obvious that she got it.  She was one of those rare people who actually understood.   Her message was, “There's no shame here.  Nothing to be embarrassed about. We'll make sure you get what you need.”  A huge weight had been lifted.  How could you not fall in love with someone like that?  She proved to be someone I could trust, and dealing with her was a treat.

A couple of years ago, I was notified she'd no longer be my case manager.  Instead, it was going to be someone named “Gwen”.  What?  Who's Gwen?. . .What a gyp.   After meeting her, it was clear I wasn't really losing Bobbi.   I was gaining Gwen.  I had nothing to complain about.

I'm here to tell you that Bobbi Frasca and Gwendolyn Howerton are the sweetest,  most conscientious and hardest working pros you could ever hope to know.

You need to understand that Epilepsy Services doesn't just make sure you're okay and get the medication you need.  They go the distance and assign you a doctor.  You're not just a client to these people.  You're one of their own.

When Gwen asked if I'd be willing to speak to you, my attitude was;  “Anywhere.  Anytime.  Anything you want. . .I can never possibly repay all you've done for me.”  

If you haven't figured it out by now,  Epilepsy Services is a shining beacon of hope for so many who had lost all hope.

I'll always have epilepsy. That's my reality.  I accept that.  Thanks to Epilepsy Services, I'm no longer a voice in the wilderness living in fear." ~Jim