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The Giving Challenge
May 6-7, Noon to Noon

Epilepsy Services Wants Your Support!

Everyone can be a philanthropist and donate to their favorite organization on May 6th and 7th. 
We hope Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida is your favorite organization!!!

 Your contribution to Epilepsy Services helps us to provide low or no cost medical services, including consultations with neurologists, prescription medications and case management for uninsured adults facing the challenges of epilepsy.
 Remember: Noon to Noon, May 6th - May 7th!
Donate on-line at: www.givingpartnerchallenge.org
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The Giving Challenge happens just once a year!!!

Dawn Langelle has a new lease on life and she wants everyone to know about it. (see poem below)

After two devastating head injuries in 2009, one caused simply by being distracted while on a walk, the other by a fall off of her bike, Dawn began suffering seizures and related symptoms that changed her life.“There was a significant period of time where all I could do was lie in the dark with earplugs and a pillow over my eyes.”

She had seen numerous practitioners, she explains, some even questioning the validity of her story, others diagnosing her as mentally ill. Her search for help was costly. Her seizures led to losing her job. She had no health insurance. Her mother was able to help her pay mounting medical expenses. “She went into the funds she had saved for when she aged to help me,” Dawn explains. ;“I had been planning to be the one who helped her,” she says, well aware of the irony of the role reversal."

A self- described fitness nut and a computer whiz who had made a good living with her technology skills, she found herself in a desperate situation, barely able to function, let alone think about finding employment. Herplight had lasted more than four years and her health was deteriorating. A case manager with a brain injury support organization suggested she contact Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida.

Dawn participated in the intake process and learned she was eligible for a neurological consult with Dr. Ronald Aung-Din, one of the Epilepsy Services physicians. This was followed up by another appointment with the doctor during a monthly clinic. A new diagnosis and a new medication regimen was working. The fog was beginning to lift and she gained strength and improved clarity of thought. She was on her way back to a new level of self-management. “I told my mother that we would be able to have some fun again,” she said proudly.

She still has a way to go with her recovery but she is grateful to be where she’s at now. She will continue to participate in the program at no cost. She encourages others to hang in. “These people can give you hope and help you live your life optimally.”
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